Knickers Practise

I think I might like my Barrie Briefs just a little too much.  

Now, that I've managed to get the patten to fit my lack of a rear, they are just so comfortable.  I've been practising adapting the pattern to use stretch lace instead of the fabric bindings.  And practising my technique too.

Three more barrie briefs.  Using LA purchased elastics of different sizes - I wanted to play with as many options as possible.  The main fabric in these were a Fabric a Brac purchase and I made a slip out of the same fabric too.

The crotch lining is stretch cotton from Levana which I also used to make up a few previous pairs of Barrie Briefs. (Sorry for the blurry photo)

There's not as much stretch in the fabric so it would have been good to slightly increase the size and also as the lace isn't as wide as the waistband in the original barrie briefs pattern, I also should have increased the height.  But very wearable all the same and a rather cute set.


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    1. Thanks for directing me to the pattern - I'm keen to make a few more when I get back to NZ


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