Jade Skirt

I fell in love with two of the Paprika patterns - the Jade skirt and the Jasper Sweater.  Nikki of Nikki's stitches made up a version and I had to pull the finger out and give it a go.

The pattern is relatively straight forward once you get your head around the front origami folding.  

Unlike Nikki, I decided to fully line the skirt.  I used a ponte from the Fabric Warehouse.

You stitch under each fold to keep the fold in place and stitch the top to the lining.  I really enjoyed doing this bit and took my time as I was under the weather and BM's parents were also staying with us.  So I would sleep for a few hours and if they were out when I woke up I would sew a fold or two down.

I'm not sure if it was my under the weatherness but it took a lot longer to sew up than it should.  I ended up having to redo the back zip 4 times and even I'm not especially happy with it. But its my first exposed zip and the skirt is wearable - just not in Melbourne :)  That full lining makes it a hefty item of clothing.

The skirt is a lot more flattering than in the photos.  A. the angle is crap and B. I was rather bloated the day that I photographed it.  Regardless though, its a comfy make and I hope to get a lot of wear out of it.  If I were to make it again, the zip is pretty but useless so its likely to be on the scrap heap.  

I graded the skirt to fit and took out the back darts (very small bum) and went down a size on the back piece.  The adjustments worked well - especially given my lack of brain power that week!

I especially like the zig zags on the lining and how the lining fits together - there's no exposed seams and it all folds inside itself.  Pretty swish for the pattern and makes me itch to sew up the Jasper.


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