I just spent five minutes trying (and failing) to come up with a post title.  I really like having a visual inventory of the cards I've made but the titles get harder and harder to write.  I'm giving up - officially.

A wedding card for BM's relations

Some Christmas cards with the crochet holly pattern from Attic24 - I used a lot of these on my Christmas wreath but decided to finish the balls of yarn and use them on Christmas cards too.  I didn't get them all finished in time for posting this year (especially as most of my Christmas cards go to Europe and need to be posted in early December) - so I have a very healthy stash for next year.

I varied some of the designs and there's four holly versions; light green, light green with beads, dark green and variegated.

I also try to reuse Christmas cards we received and recycled this kiwiana background into two different cards.

I think this is my favourite card of the lot.  The Huggies packet is from the New World Little Shop promotion this year and I was saving it special like...


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