More baby tees

Making baby clothes is fun.  So quick to make and in some cases the opportunity to practise new skills too.

First up Jalie 3133 - a baby body suit - my first Jalie make.

A fold over neckline and use of my coverstitch machine.

A bit of a disasterous use of the serger to line up the sleeves though - baby clothes are small & fiddly! 

Merino is great for winter in NZ and I hope to make a few more for LP this coming winter, but I'm going to wait until I've either figured out my coverstitch or given in and replaced it.

It really has been causing me a bit of a headache.  The sleeve above (for a Tee below) used washaway stablisher but still ended up with skipped stitches and the test piece below was pretty similar, unfortunately.

However, after a few redos I made this tee for a friend's son who turned one. Pattern: Easy Neck Tee pattern by Sew NZ. Fabric: recycled tank top and purple rib from Fabric a brac.

A recycled baby tee for my own LP.  I originally bought the Whale fabric in Spotlight in Australia when I was there for work two years ago.  I  made a Blank Canvas tee for myself and then it got an unfortunate stain.  So a quick recycle and an addition of the purple ribbing and LP gets a new tee.  This wasn't quite the end of this garment's story though as I washed it with a red hat and its now pink.  Still works thankfully!

Another easy neck tee - Spotlight for main radish fabric, and cotton lycra from an online shop for the neckline.  Added another hidden patch pocket (love!).  The red cotton lycra is really rather nice and I plan on keeping the rest as accents for more tees for me and LP in future.  I made a matching tee for a daughter's friend a while ago too.  Rather than keep using my problemtic coverstitch I used the three stitch zigzag on the hems here.  Looks quite nice if I say so myself!

The final tee is yet another easy neck tee.  Originally for LP but I forgot to prewash the fabric in my haste to make up the tee.  So after cutting, I prewashed and it shrank quite a bit.  But made up fine, just for a smaller little person than my own.

Great fabric, no?  Its from Fabric Mail (affliate link - my only one!) a US based custom print fabric company (and where I ordered my Christmas present from!).  It took ages to get nice matching fabric as my plan is matching adult and bubs tees for my brother and also BM and LP.


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