Harry Potter and the Sewist of Secrets

My sister in law is rather taken with Harry Potter and on the long nights in the early days with LP, I found quite a few impressive online fabric shops.  Snowy Owl Fabrics* have a number of different colourways in Harry Potter themed fabrics.  I bought a baby and adult panel - the front of both tees, grey painted coordinating fabric - the tops of both tees, owl and text fabric - the sleeves, back and neck of the baby tee, and the castles fabric (text and outlines of Hogwarths underneath) - the back of the adult tee.  I had to guess the size of the adult tee - I really hope it fits!

The baby panel was a little too small for the 18 month version of the tee so I had to add a little white to the sides.

Pattern: Baby - Easy Neck Tee Sewnz and Adult - hacked Papercut Ensis Tee


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