criss crossing


Two more quilts.  These are made from BM and my old shirts.  A nice bit of recycling if I do say so myself.  There's a lot of memories in the quilts - the blue floral pinstripe is one of my first business shirts from Marks and Spencers.  There's a shirts BM bought in Hong Kong (and custom tailored for him), one of our first overseas trips together.

You'll have to forgive the picture heavy post of the two quilts. I'm really rather pleased with them.  

There's a few hidden treasures too as I saved the pockets where I could.

Excuse the wrinkles in the fabric - I basted the quilt top to the backing (fleece from Spotlight in this case) using spray adhesive so it looks more wrinkled than it is.

I quilted the front to the backing using simple straight lines.  And bound in navy from stash.  I really loved how effective the cross pattern was and the mix of colours worked surprizingly well - just goes to show that BM likes a particular colour palette!


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