I couldn't help leading with this photograph.  Its one of my favourite from last year.  LP wrapped in a homemade crochet blanket (currently keeping her company in creche during the week) and one of my favourite tops also me made.

The purple and green blanket is LP's buggy and car blanket.  Finished while I was in labour (I'm hard core, me! - a bit of a long winded affair so rather pleased I had time to finish this up before LP turned up.  I was absolutely convinced she would be late so was rather slow on progress for a bit).

Yarn from Knit World  Can't remember what type.

I also made a multi colour wool blanket using the hexagon pattern from my crochet book.  I wanted to use up my stash as much as possible and most of this is leftovers from this large blanket project.

LP was quite taken with the blanket at home so it now lives in creche for her morning naps.

Since LP will need her own room soon (ish) I've been trying hard to deplete my crafting and sewing supplies.  I used up wool from the Wool Company from stash to finish this blanket before I gifted it to a friend.  The hexagons are made with puff stitches and are wonderfully 3D.

I had planned on using this blanket or LP's early days.  I wasn't especially thinking about our own little person when I made it but I hadn't found the right recipient.  But!!!! I washed it before LP's arrival and the white yarn fell apart pretty spectacularly.  Rather pleased I hadn't gifted it to anyone else in the end!  And from what I recall the white yarn was a different make/type to the circles and really just didn't wash well.  The circles survived just fine.

So I snipped all the circles clear and recrocheted the blanket when I had a chance over the course of a month or two.


  1. I love the circles blanket- they look fantastic in real life too!


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