Breastfeeding Hacked Tees

Since LP's arrival my wardrobe has been quite constrained.  I'm not quite sure what shape my body is  - its definitely changed and access to my boobs is an immediate issue on occassion!

I've hacked the Papercut Ensis tee into a breastfeeding top and am really rather pleased with the outcome.  Especially as my hacking started in the early sleep deprived stages.

I amended the lower front into three panels.  One in the front which curves from the centre to the sides and two underlying sides which are joined underneath the front panel.

Fabric - I think the grey circles was Mood in the US and the lace was from fabric a brac.

Easy access... sorted.  However its not quite as work appropriate as I'd hoped as the lace is a little too see through and with my larger 'assets' I'm not comfortable wearing it to work.

I made a second tee for warmer weather and it worked out great - but we've had a crazy warm summer so I haven't been able to wear it much.  And I got very slack about finishing it off.  This was the tee that finally had me give up on the coverstitch machine for now.  I redid the stitching above the front panels so so many times.  I brought it along to a day's sewing with Fabric Hoarders and the far too kind Gemma of 66 stitches finished the hem for me.  Its a fun tee for slight cooler weather.

Fabric from Fabric Mail (a US online shop*) with custom prints.  I may have over purchased the skulls fabric - oophs!  I may have about 2.5 more metres of this.  Bit of a distinctive print so it may be a while before I make something for me in it.  The three front panels are a lot easier to see here.

*affliate link - I love these guys!


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