I have a thing about Tshirts

Another Blank Canvas Tshirt.  I think my obsession is partly about making things to wear at the weekend, remaking patterns that I know work, solidifying my knit sewing skills, and finally using up some of my knit fabric stash.  

I made quite a few Tshirts over the course of the last year and some (like this one) were at least partly successful.  Unfortunately my weight has fluctuated a bit over the year and I'm heavier than I was when I made this.  But its a comfy tee that's a little too short on my for my taste at the moment.  

Some great pattern matching on one side - just don't look at the other!

The fabric was a remnant from Levana so I'm not sure if I cut off the grain (very likely) or the fabric was printed off grain).  That shop is a serious compulsive buying problem.

The next Tee is a SBCC Tonic Tee (also a free pattern).  I've adapted it a bit to work for me.  But I think I'm still cutting the neck band a little too much on the long side.  I need to get some higher window sills (or at least rest a book on there) if I'm going to keep using it to get garment photos!

Again fabric from Levana - a very soft Merino blend.  Unfortunately, this Tee didn't make it into my wearing rotation as I discovered a stain on the front (which annoyingly you can't see in the photo) and wasn't able to get it out.


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