The Wonderful Winter Fabric Hoarders Sewing Retreat

For the second time last year, I managed to slink off to a fabric hoarders sewing retreat at Riverslea near Otaki.  

Such an indulgent and sewing filled weekend.

The main retreat room doesn't take long to fill up with sewing machines, fabric and all manner of bits and bobs.  That lovely check fabric in the foreground is the start of my Watson jacket.

Wendy (of Sew Biased) brought along enough fabric and instructions for us all to make our very own Morsbag.  Its such a wonderful group!

The retreat kicked off with a bit of fabric painting and stamping on Friday night for those keen sewists (the others abandoned us to start work on the far too many projects we all tend to bring along!).

Its such a scenic area and I went for a rather short jog (more to do with my fitness level than the availability of places to jog!).  It still surprizes me the way NZ deals with steams crossing roads,

Unfortunately I can't make the next retreat a little later this year - but I think there's still spaces.  So if you're keen on tasty, wholesome veggie food and fabulous sewing company - think about going along!  I'm off to my monthly meetup!


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