Anniversary weekend in Martinborough

Yes, this is more than 6 months late as we went in the middle of winter.  But... I'm slack :)

I convinced BM that a tramp (hike in Irish palance) was a great way to spend our anniversary weekend (it did require staying in a very nice B&B rather than a hut though!).

We went up Mt Holdsworth and did part of the Gentle Annie track.  I had thought never again after my last trip there... but time heals all wounds and it was a nice walk until we got completely drenched on the way back.  A quick stop in the Warehouse for what I now affectionately call my possum pants (they really don't fit!) and we were off to the next part of our adventure.  

But that skips over the nice parts of the walk and for once, I managed a few scenic shots.

A bit of shopping around Greytown later and my haul was a tad excessive.  I'm a serious fan of the Village Art Shop in Greytown.

And BM in honour of the second anniversary being cotton, got me excessive vouchers for the Fabric Store.

Annoyingly I forgot to take photos of the B&B - but I highly recommend the Old Manse.  I think we got GrabOne vouchers as they had just changed ownership.  But I'll happily revisit with the full price ;)


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