Windy days

When I got back from my trip, this fantastic photograph was waiting for me on my desk. I really love it. BM kindly bought it for me and as he returned a month and a bit before me, he carried it back too! I was worried about my luggage allowance until I realised its 46kg if you travel via the states!

I saw the photograph on our overnight trip to the island of Inis Bofin. The photo reminds me of windy Wellington (in a good way obviously!).  The island is off the coast of Ireland and has a really chilled, laid back, desolate beauty. The inhabitants can be maddeningly laid back too :)  The photo was in the hotel we stayed in and we went in search of a copy before we set sail the next day and the stars were with us. Its a bit of a mission to get to the island - even today and most of the supplies come in by the daily ferries, although there is a helicopter pad - but well worth the visit.


  1. What a pretty picture!

    I just got your comment regarding the armor tutorial - so glad you stopped by. I think you should go for it! You could be Joan of Arc ;-)

    Have a great day!


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