Green eights and things

I want to paint my craft room a minty green, but not just any minty green. Oh no! I want (and this will sound strange) a green that fits with the strong pastel shades of blue and pink that I associate with vintage kitchen ware. Sound straight forward? Not exactly an easy task when I've only seen the blue and pink options in real life that I think would look great with a green hue! Like here (where the bowl(?) colour seems a possibility) or here (nice jug!).

So I've been packratting like crazy. Images online... yarn... fabric and the number 8. Its like an episode of sesame street here. Its my first space to put my stamp on it. Unfortunately, first I have to check whether I can paint directly on the walls or if they need a replaster. I want a bright uplifting colour for a room that has to be an office, a craft space, somewhere for my sewing machine and a retreat. Now just for the colour...


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