Side Project

I've been trying to think of things to do to use up the spare wool I keep acquiring due to bad yarn choices for my blanket.  I bought the wool in the photo in LA when I visited recently and its the wrong width for the blanket.  Its also not in a colour that I particular like.  I'm crocheting it into a rectangle to make in to toys.  I made a few softie inspired things when I was back in Ireland and I'll post about them later but I thought I might start making a few bases for future presents and assemble them altogether.  I've been alternating in some very fluffy yarn to give the rectangle a bit more interest. 

Can you see the blue material in the background?  That's my PJ bottoms.  A friend of mine made them for me about a year ago and I LOVE them.  So so comfy!  Thanks M! ;)


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