The blanket is at home

With a title like that I feel it should be receiving guests! However, this blanket has been carried, crocheted and cuddled in on at least three continents, six countries and eight islands. That's New Zealand (on some reckoning its part of the Australian or Asian continents), Hong Kong (definitely Asia), Ireland, Germany and the UK (Europe) and America (American!) - add Inis Bofin and Lantau to the mix to make up the islands! It may yet still travel to Australia and the South Island in New Zealand. That's one well travelled crochet project. :)

I've run out of wool to continue for now as the last of the purply pink set I bought in Ireland doesn't seem to go and a ball I bought in LA is too thick to fit with the rest of the options. I'm hoping Spotlight will help me out later in the day. My fingers are getting itchy!


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