Teal Jenna, Happy New Year and Sewing Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I'm openning my arms as wide as possible for 2018.  Honestly, the world seems like a rather messed up place at the moment and I hope that 2018 gets it moving in a somewhat sensible direction.  Thankfully in New Zealand, climate change is being taken seriously by the new government  but I can't help feeling disturbed by POTUS tweets conflating weather and climate.  (Not mentioning, the bizarre racial and social justice issues he seems to spark.)  At times, I feel very lucky to be based in New Zealand so far from the rest of the world and at other times that can seem very far from home and family.

This post is doing triple duty; the verbal vomit above, the documenting of my latest Muse make (yet another Jenna cardi), and finally, my sewing resolutions for 2018 to try to keep myself accountable.

So on to the Jenna.  This is a redo of my adjusted Muse Jenna cardi and the first with snaps.  The pattern is by a local pattern designer, I'm very fortunate to have met in real life.  She's an inspiration and a very talented designer.  I love this pattern, as it allows an easy full bust adjustment *and* has a few nice features so its not just another plain cardi.

The fabric is from Levana Textiles in Levin and a favourite road trip stop off.  Up until this year, they manufactured on site but unfortunately most of their fabric manufacturing has just moved out of the country.  They are still a fantastic source for New Zealand merino fabric but its such a pity to lose the local manufacturing.  The fabric is a teal nylon merino blend. Unfortunately, it piles a bit.  But its also very comfy to wear and this has been on rotation in my wardrobe since its completion a few months ago.

I got rather slack about the prospect of finding time to do button holes after the arrival of the little person so I tried my hand at hammer in snaps instead. I quite like them- but I should have used better interfacing in the button band.

Finally, on to my sewing/crafting resolutions for this year. 
1. Use three patterns from my stash which are new to me, before I purchase any other pattern.
2. Only buy materials to finish a project - except for 3 below.
3. Take stock of how much fabric I am using and replace it on a 3-1 basis (in other words, if I want to buy one metre I need to have used up 3)
4. Clear my backlog of photos of makes from 2017 (and possibly 2016!). So I'm committing to 2 posts a week until I'm clear (and assessing this on a monthly basis).

I need to drastically reduce my stash of fabric and other crafting supplies as Little Person will need their own room soon and currently its housing the supplies that don't fit neatly under the bed in the guest room.  After LP was born, I was online at odd hours and have managed to find quite a few fun fabric groups.  I've also convinced myself that I needed different fabrics for LP's clothes (seriously, I could probably exclusively clothe her in what I've already got into her late teens).  So cut down and clear out!  I'll post a monthly update to keep myself accountable (and I know at least one person reads this and will hassle me if I fall short).  So here goes...

What are your resolutions?


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