Louis Sergeant Wellington

There is something so decadent about afternoon tea on a working day.  Especially if you're on maternity leave and your dad is keen to come along too.  This was over 8 months ago - miss you Dad!  But such a lovely memory.  I was keen to try Louis Sergeant in Wellington for ages but that whole pregnancy food restriction thing was a massive constraint on my eating patterns (and in my case, I felt like emptying my stomach more often than filling it for the whole 9 months - gah!).

I've been a few times now and really enjoy the spectacular creations.  Some aren't as wonderful on the actual consumption scale as others but they all look amazing.  The puffy, gold hazelnutty one in the top image is my favourite.  Just need to combine my love of sewing with cake eating and I'm golden - high tea for the fabric hoarders perhaps?


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