Teeing off

Real clothes for me!  Somehow knits were in my far too hard to make pile for far too long.  Thankfully, this past year, I've started to venture into the wonderful world of knits.

The Ensis Tee by Papercut Patterns.

I was rather pleased with this make and wore it quite a bit.  Two slight problems to fix however.  First, the neckline wasn't tight enough so didn't sit where it should have (and looked like it had gotten a bit too well worned and baggy rather than being new).

Second, I used a twin needle to hem the arms and ended up with a serious ridge between the two.  I've found a pinterest link to how to fix this (and will report back the next time I use it to see if I can amend it).

Loved the pattern and the colour combo.

The grey knit was quite stiff while the pink is very drapey.  A nice combination in person.


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