A visit to JaffaVille

I went up to Auckland for work at the start of Spring.  BM joined me for the weekend and we did the coast to coast walk on the Saturday.  It was great to get my bearings in the city and also to have a nosey around one of Auckland's private schools.  Auckland Grammar was having an art exhibition so in addition to a nosey around the main auditorium we also got to see some great art.

I really liked the texture and the colours of this piece by Heather Wilson* (Colour Bomb).  

This one was my favourite.  I really loved it.  I have a fondness for toy soldiers and tin robots are always cool.  We come in peace by Ross Jones.  

This appeals to my sewing aesthetics.  Tui Halo by Sarah Brill.

I loved the colour and lines in this artwork.  Shane Hanson.

This chap seemed rather down but contented!  Annie Mciver.

It was wonderful to see the early signs of Spring.

And walk up one tree hill.

As well as see the lambs.  The coast to coast wasn't always as well signposted as I would have liked but it was definitely worth it (and it finishes near Dressmart so I was able to pop into the Cue outlet and stock up!)

We earned our end of day feast at Al Brown's Auckland eatery the Depot.  The lamb was amazing.  Well worth a visit if you're near sky city.

I can't remember where this was but the doorway was beautiful.

Sunday saw my visit to Auckland's fabric shops - the fabric warehouse.  I wasn't especially fired up by the selection but it was interesting to visit.

The fabric store was a more immersive experience - a lot more light and airy.  And there was a bit more fondling. I came home with two pieces of merino that will hopefully become a Jenna Cardi.

Breakfast near the train station on Monday morning and then the overland train home.  The journey was lovely but I got a bit antsy by the time we were half way home.  But very glad I did it. The train has been on my list for quite some time.

*I took down the names of the different artists at Auckland Grammar and have googled their names to provide links to the sites - I can't be sure they're the same artists though!


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