A crafty mermaid original

I self drafted and made a pencil skirt.  So so pleased with the final product but there's a few tweaks I'd like to make for my next one.  Its a grey skirt using left overs from other grey skirt (this one in fact).  I followed Suzy Furrer's Skirt Sloper Craftsy Course.  I'm a bit of an odd shape with a defined rather high waist but not much difference in measurement with my high hip as I have a very small bum. Of course any time I mention it to sewing friends they offer to swap - I doubt they realise the issues with keeping your trousers or skirts up when you have nothing to hold it in place!  As a result, while I followed Suzy's instructions to put the waist of the skirt lower than my natural waist and the skirt fit perfectly.  There wasn't enough difference to keep it where it should be especially when my weight changed.  So it was a short lived but happy love affair with my first self drafted garment.

I even put in the hook and eye closure and loved my button choice!

Can you see what I mean about the difference between the high hip and the waistband.  Not much, eh?

Here's the skirt from the side - a lovely fit!  Yes, that is more of a tum than a bum :)

And a pic of the back button in action!  

Pattern - my own!!!
Fabric - left over grey from this skirt and left over lining from other projects too.
Future changes - more of a difference between the waist and the garment.  I might need to have it sit higher on me for this.  And depending on the fabric I might have to put in belt loops.


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