Fire starter, twisted fire starter

I'm a massive fan of the idea of an open fire in Winter (a bit of a misdirect in the middle of summer but I'll just pretend its for my Northern Hemisphere readers (hee hee, hello mammy!)).

Yes, I'm finally getting through my backlog of projects I want to post about.  This one is a goodie though.  Using up old egg cartons, dryer lint and the wax of used candles to make awesome and environmentally friendly fire starters.

Dryer lint - check (I like to use the dryer lint from my prewashing of my new fabric - makes it extra nice!)

Saved up bag of used up candle wax!

Dryer lint in egg carton soaked in melted and then set used candle wax.

With the added bonus of being as nicely smelling as the original candles when you start the fire.


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