random purchases

I sometimes have a buying habit that is very hard to break.  Here's a round up of a number of purchases from this year so I have an idea of the timeline from purchase to production!

From the swonderful sale on Cuba Street,  I haven't used any of these yet and unfortunately the black lace isn't stretch.

At Gordon Harris, I got this fimo mould for letters and numbers.  I hope this will be useful for card making - especially the vowels as they tend to run out first in the alphabet stickers left in my stash.

Knit merino fabrics from the fabric store Auckland.

The fabric warehouse pop up shop on Lambton Quay.  I've used (and abused) the royal blue/navy knit, cut out a patter on the black dots and still haven't touched the sheer.

Evans in Lower Hutt closed down this year and I bought these three stretch fabrics in their sale.  I've made a pair of espresso leggings with all three and a further two bike shorts from the grey for under skirts.

The same day I was at Evans I bought this lining from a pacifika store across the road.  Not yet used.

Random purchases from Evans - lots of stretch lace.  I really want to make my own lingerie this year.

A few spotlight purchases from their sale bin.

My fabric a brac purchaces.  I've used the flamingo, swirl and black dots so far.

I also got the most beautiful lace from Desiree at fabric a brac.  Not sure what I"ll do with it yet.  But oh so lovely.

A recent trip to Levin and Levana resulted in some elastane cotton (yellow), merino all the others.  

Cotton voile from my trip to Brazil.

Sheer from the Brazil trip.

A stunning (and too expensive) sequined fabric from Brazil.  I'm going to make a tailored evening dress and I'm damn well going to find places to wear it to!

Levana's pop up shop in Porirua resulted in 11 metres of fabric for $11 as they were all seconds.  I got one of each of the light green and blue, two of the pink, three of the darker blue and 5 of the grey. I'm hoping to use them for muslins for knit garments this year.  This year is the year of the knit!

Kimono fabric from a fabric hoarders swap.  I intended it as a table runner but have now painted the dining room so not sure it will suit as much any more.  But I've washed it at least!

 10 balls of wool company wool.  Ballet, Raspberry, Amethyst, Azalea, Aqua, Plum, INk, Gentian, Capri and Sky.  Hopefully this will finish off my blanket...

A Dea Yarns Cotton to finish off my baby's blanket (done and blogged!).

Stickers from Pink Flamingo in Bulls.  Lovely store.

And finally beads from Brazil.  At least this is 6 months worth of craft purchases!  Eeek there's rather a lot.  I think I need to go on a buying freeze until I worth through most of this stuff (that said I have more fabric being washed today so that'll have to be recorded too!).


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