A new Tie

Today has been a good and a bad craft day. Grrr.

I'd promised my flatmate that I would make him a tie to match a dress I had just finished so we could go out some night together and look particularly pathetic. He'd been on at me for a while so this morning I got up bright and early and took apart a tie he hates.

So. The next step was unpicking the thing to use as a template. There were a few surprises. I didn't know they had padding (obvious in hindsight!). And there was a weird little bumpy thing at the end too.

And this is the material! Can't really see why this is so much better as a tie. All pinned up and ready to sew.

All sewed up and the padding from the old tie inserted.

I needed some lining so I cut out bits of an old pair of trousers (don't tell my flatmate!).

And the finish product. :)

I also stopped off at the jewelery store near my work on the way home. I needed to get a pair of red earrings but I haven't been able to get a set I like. So obviously I made them! They look a little cheaper than I was expecting but I like them. I love the fact that here you can go to the jewelery store and they let you use their tools. Its basically five red ring beads and five sliver jump rings.

And then to round off my day - in the middle of making a skirt I really want to wear tomorrow, my crappy sewing machine packed it in. Grrr. Here's the material and the spawn of satan sewing machine.


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