Finishing projects

Spring is strange here. A few weeks ago I wore shorts to work, then it changed to doubling my nightware so I wasn't woken by the cold at night. So I should fit in use of my mittens before the summer begins in earnest. The mittens are a bit asymmetrical but they fit and I didn't work to a pattern so that's just the risks you take! I'll be visiting the Northern Hemisphere at Christmas so I might get some more wear out of them then.

I finished my aunt's scarf and added a few buttons to finish it off properly. I like the scarf and hope she does too. If I didn't have so many scarves I might make another one for in a similar colour (that green wouldn't do me any good).

And one more because I'm very proud!

I also made a little bag that doesn't have any interfacing so it will roll up nice and neat

And a close up of the lining. Recognize the fabric flower? Yeap, I found it a home!


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