A few Christmas cards

The first three cards use a set of stickers that were really cheap in my local craft shop.

I think they're quite effective. I really like the first one. It reverses the colours - a really bright landscape (three scraps of handmade and metallic paper) and a white out background.

This was the main design for my christmas cards last year. I mocked up the stick tree using lines in photoshop and then photocopied the design onto card. I used tracing paper over it and added jewels and a ribbon.

These guys are a set of stickers I was given for my birthday last year (thanks, E). Not a lot of labour involved but again I like the look of them! I may have a problem hoarding scraps. The translucent orange on the second one is a recycled sweet wrapper and the jewels on the last one were on a tshirt at one stage. I think the ribbon came from somewhere else too. Better reuse than recycle I suppose!


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