A cushion, a top, a wash cloth and a few more cards

My flatmate has a particular fondness for cord. I made this cushion to help her out (and get to grips with my new sewing machine!). I think the buttons work quite well.

And two photographs of the top I finished in Monday night's dress making class. I think it looks much much better tucked in and would probably benefit from a large chunk taken off the end but it'll do for now!
There was a special on cotton yarn in my local shop and I was on the look out for something that would be suitable for a wash cloth. This is the first time (since primary school) that I used double crochet so while it didn't work out wonderfully - it was a first attempt that will keep my face clean! The next one I'm working on at the moment looks so much better.

Finally, a series of thank you cards for people who have helped me out over the last while and a birthday card for my aunt (to go with the green scarf!). A productive day! (And I even got some real work done as well. Why is that the way - when you're busy everything gets done?)


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