I finished the wrist pin cushion. It didn't quite work out as pretty as I would have liked but then I didn't really put the effort in to allow it to! For again I think I'll not just stick with whatever thread is currently on the machine (black) and will match the wrist band to a more colourful fabric. But it does work and it has been very useful already. I used it to help me cut out a Burda 1950s pattern, along with my new rotary cutter (how did I ever live without it?). I used an old cushion from a second hand shop to get the stuffing as the new stuff was too expensive!

The fabric flower came out really well (perhaps the coordinating button and a bit more care?).

There's a great bead shop near where I live. They hold classes every Friday night and I thought it would be a great idea to go along. Unfortunately there was just me and the instructor - a bit too much personal attention! So I won't be going again unless I drag a few people with me! However, I managed to make a bracelet that is a bit more complicated than most of the other stuff I've made. It has
Swarovski crystals, white glass seed beds and lilac glass beads. Its all strung onto silk thread.

And finally my first handbag - I made this a while ago from a pattern in a great book called hip handbags. I first got it out of the library but it was so good that I had to buy it and promptly ordered it from Amazon!

I used some pretty heavy interfacing in the sides and it pretty much stands by itself. The handles were road tested before I added them - I wanted to make sure that they felt comfortable - its one of my biggest complaints about buying a handbag. It needs to sit right and be comfortable - God damn it! Need to make me a bigger one to fit A4 pages but that project is a while in the future!


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