And another one...

I figured out what was really wrong with my top and made a sash in remnant satin (yea, for remnant bins) for it. I think it works so much better now!

I'm almost finished the skirt that broke my sewing machine :) I just need to hem and attach an eye and hook. I'll post it when its done but I used the left over material and lining to make another tote bag. I figure I'll use less plastic bags if I have alternatives I want to bring with me. I didn't use any interfacing for the handles so they're not as comfy as I would like. Still doing the job though as I've been using it all week.

Finally for this installment. I created a care instructions card for my Aunt's scarf, which is now all wrapped up and addressed and just waiting for the appropriate postage!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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