Star shaped marshmallows

I made some more marshmallows.  Based loosely on a Donna Hay recipe and after seeing Martha make snow flake ones.  This time after epic adventures in trying to find light corn syrup.  The last time BM convinced me it was Golden Syrup and I used that.  There was a bit of a weird aftertaste and I wasn't too pleased with their deadened colour.  This time I visited four different supermarkets in Wellington and finally found some near Christchurch on Christmas Eve with BM and his mother (luckily we didn't just go in looking for the syrup).

I am quite pleased with how these turned out.  Not a bad taste at all, though if I make them again I'll use nicer vanilla flavouring as the stuff I used tastes a bit synthetic.  Donna Hay recommended real vanilla pods - but I just wasn't that fancy on the day!  Of course there was loads of star offcuts left and they're the ones in my hot chocolate or hot milk at night - the others ones turned out too well not to save them for something a bit more special!


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