I've gotten a little obsessed with marshmallows lately and decided it was high time to make my own. This obsession even required me to purchase a candy thermometer! Very fancy, I know. You may not be able to talk to me after this! :)

All the ingredients lined up ready to go! (Lots and lots of sugar)

The Marshmallows in the tray.

The cut up marshmallows - yum!

And the cutting of the yumminess. These aren't my favourite marshmallows ever but that hasn't stopped me thinking about the next batch - I think I just over did it on the vanilla essence. Also the receipe called for light corn syrup. This is Golden Syrup in NZ - but I'm not sure about the light bit. I don't think there's another option and the marshmallows before the colouring were quite beige rather than white.

I used the receipe at the food network which I got via Twig and Thistle.
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