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Cut outs, fishes and butterflies

Eeek!  This house buying/selling business is a bit more stressful that I'd like!
There's a lot of coordination of reports for the new house and then interviewing and deciding on realtors for the 'old' house is headache causing.  We've almost gone unconditional on the new house - just need to sort out two more bits and meet with the mortgage peeps.  But so far it looks like everything is working out on that end.

Unfortunately that's leaving a whole new headache to sell BM's current house on this end.  But we're a lot happier with where we are now than where we were a few days ago. So fingers crossed for my new blue house! 

Some cards below (from ages and ages ago) - I had some fun doing a bit of paper cutting after being inspired by different artists online.  Even though the fish turned out ok, my attempt is laughable in comparison!

Dali and spaceships and more about houses

A Dali inspired card and a few others...  I love how the spaceship worked out too!
We've had our offer accepted on the big blue house (as I'm calling it) and we just need to sort out a builders' report, a valuer and check with the council about planning permissions and such like.  We also need to sell BM's current house (eeek!).  But other than that, I'm wandering about the place fielding calls from the real estate agent and giggling randomly to myself.  BM is finding it much easier to act like a normal sane person :)

Paper Hearts and thinking about houses

Wow! We put an offer in on a house yesterday and the agent will approach the seller today with the offer.  Suposedly they let the seller know at lunch time today.  I'm feeling pretty chilled about the whole thing - possibly because once they say yes (that's positive thinking, people!), we have to ready our current house for sale.  We've been crossing off a lot of jobs but will still need to put the cats in the cattery, organise storage for our surplus stuff, etc. etc.  We have a lot of furniture in the house and as we're moving to a larger house, it doesn't make sense to get rid of it - but it makes a LOT of sense to store it somewhere else while potential buyers see the place. 

Its a nice house so hopefully we won't have trouble selling it - though the market in New Zealand is fairly sluggish at the moment.  We planted some more lavendar over the weekend and tidied up most of the garden as well as finally getting curtains for my craft room.  I was going to m…

BobbleLion and friends


spaceships etc.

Man I have a tonne of cards to post and not all of them pretty!  But  I'm very pleased with the first one above and the second one looks so much better in real life.  I love using my blog to document the different cards I make.  Its really nice to have a visual record. 

I'm particularly excitable at the moment as we went to see a house I love for the second time today and I still like it and on second viewing didn't find any nasty surprizes.  We're hopefully putting in an offer on Monday and fingers crossed, it works out!  Its much closer to work so I look forward to having more time and being less stressed as well as having a house to decorate and changeabout!  That really should be a lot of fun.  Unfortunately it'll mean putting BM's current house on the market and tidying it up for showing.  The median selling time for our local area is a month and a half so it's likely that I'll have to keep the house spick and span for all that time.   Eeek!  Finge…

Happy New Year and Barberstown Castle High Tea

I'm back in the New Zealand sun after six months in Ireland, Spain, England, Egypt and China - and I wondered why I didn't post as much as I normally do! I flew out of Ireland on the 26th of December - the original plan was to fly out that day and hopefully get a load of seats to myself but due to the poor weather - the plane was packed!  I spent the next few days in Shanghai and flew home on the 1st. Welcoming sun and BM at the airport meant a great start to 2011.

The pix below are from a high tea at Barberstown Castle.  A 13th century castle in Co. Kildare, Ireland.  I stopped by in September on a (as they say in New Zealand) a tiki tour around parts of Ireland.

I have a ton of photographs to share from the last six months (and some from even before then! eek!) but won't be putting much pressure on myself to get them up!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2011.