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Hungarian fabric

A friend of mine brought me back this beautiful fabric from a trip to Hungary.  Now, what to do with it, plans, plans, plans...

finished with baggage

Another finally finished make - screen printed fabric made up for a friend as a joke and then turned into a bag for her.  It didn't turn out too bad and I learnt how to use the button hole options on my sewing machine.  Though I subsequently managed to topple the sewing machine down six stairs and its rather broken now so it looks like I'll have to relearn on a new machine when I manage to get one at some stage.



Yet another finished (old WIP) project.  I've had these floating around my sewing room for at least two years! Ooophs!  But they're finally finished.  I realised through the use of random scraps of paper that I didn't have enough bookmarks.  A remedy soon fixed or so I thought!  But finally, two owls, a whale and boat (just missing the cat!). 

Materials: two layers of fabric for backing, fleecy fabric for inside, and bits of felt.

more house fixy photos

I downloaded the photos from my iPhone and thought I might as well post the set of house photos.  God, I'm so glad that work is almost done. We just have to replace the window (which has been already made up and is sitting in our kitchen as I type!).

My lovely painting feats two floors up - it was fun in the wind!

I whaley love you

I bought this card recently to brighten up the house and finally went looking for a cheap frame to put it in.  Its currently resting on our mantle piece but I intend to hang it on the wall at some point.  The whale bunting is left over fabric from BM's PJ bottoms.

bagging up

I've been finishing up projects as much as I can this year.  And I've finally cut into and started to use up the screen printed fabric I made at a screen printing class a few years ago.  I've made a rather large number of lined tote bags and even padded the nice wide (and rather comfy) handles.

In a few places, I've embroided and beaded and in others appliqued a few designs from elsewhere on the fabric to give a better, more even overall feel.

I love, love, love the ship one - it reads, I have an existential map, it has you are here written all over it.  Though I didn't bother lining this one as I knew I was keeping it!

the joys of gardening in New Zealand

We had lots of fun last weekend - chopping back the Jasmine.  Even in the winter, stuff just keeps on growing in NZ.


Unfortunately one of my PJ bottoms has worn out (I think that's a four year service record - so not bad!).  So I made these up at the weekend.  Gray chevron fabric on top and a pink liberty print on the bottom.  I love this colour combination.


I finished up another WIP and made a (slight lopsided) stuffed rabbit.  I added little Xs along the seams and a crocheted tail.  The tail is a crocheted flower (ala Lucy at Attic24).  I'm rather tempted to keep it for myself but its going into the present box as well for the next appropriate occassion!

pink and green baby blanket

I started this blanket the year before last - and given its small baby blanket size, it really shouldn't have taken that long - at all!  I started at the same time as my larger hexy blanket (still not finished - but I'm hoping I get reinvigorated by it!).    I used Lucy's pattern (from Attic24). 

I also learnt a valuable lesson - that all double knit acrylic yarns are not the same thread size.  I originally wanted to include this pink and green in the larger blanket but when I'd crocheted up the circles they were quite a bit smaller than the others. 

I like the zigzags though - the larger blanket is following a more random pattern.  Done and waiting for whichever baby is born next!