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Eye Candy

I just came across this on IndieFixx. And just YUM!

Its by Abigail Halpin. I can't seem to buy it in her etsy shop though :(

Dish cloths

It seems this weekend (being Anzac day and all and therefore super busy when the shops opened on Saturday and Sunday) I couldn't find dish cloths that I wanted for love nor money. So I used up some of my yarn stash (cotton yarn) and crocheted a dishcloth. A rather enjoyable way to pass the evening actually! I also repurposed a previously crocheted facecloth.

Beads, beads, a glut of beads

Tiger Eye beads in Wellington have a lucky dip selection of glass beads at $12 for 100grams. Here's what I got this weekend for $12! What a haul!

Marshmallow? Really?

This was my first attempt at making marshmallow. I made Apricot Marshmallows from the Edmonds cookery book, a New Zealand staple! But it really didn't turn out as expected. It was more of a mousse than a marshmallow and even with my seriously sweet tooth, I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Though it did go OK with some of the cookies!


This little inquisitive creature finally got itself finished last night. Thankfully a few months before the arrival of the baby who's to be its parent :)

Its made from a torn cotton jumper my friend gave me at Christmas (pre-torn), left over wool and silk yarn and pillow stuffing. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I originally tried to sew it on my machine but it was having none of it; either in zig zag or normal stitch mode. I then hand stitched it using a blanket stitch and normal thread but it didn't look finished so I ended up blanket stitching it around the seams with the yarn. I'm a lot happier with it now and think I can leave it in peace!

This was the pig before I put on the yarn... outside eating the lettuce :P

Random cards

In Dublin many of the cafes have a series of postcards of local artists' work. I pocketed a few of these the last time I was at home and made them into decoupage (standy-outy) cards recently. I had three postcards of each and used the foam stuff to fit around windows to make them stand up from each of the layers. The cards tend to be a bit abstract so can only be given to a select audience!

Cards with bits of New Zealand

I went on a tour of the South Island in New Zealand over Christmas this year and visited the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. Fox was amazing and myself and my friend even went on to the ice for a walk (with a qualified guide of course!).

I picked up a few interesting and flat pebbles on the way home to remind myself of a truly magical Christmas Eve. These are the cards I've been making from it. The paper is from wrapping paper someone gave me at some stage and the cards are from a set of pastel cards and envelopes I bought about two years ago.

Valentine's Day Card (a tad on the late side)

I haven't downloaded photos from my camera in a while so there'll be a gut of craft posts!

This is a Valentine's Day card I made for my boyfriend this year. I relaly like the paper as its got metallic fibers in it which reflected the sticker. I used gold card and a small tag with the same punch and used the foam stuff for around windows to make it stick out from the card.


I've gotten a little obsessed with marshmallows lately and decided it was high time to make my own. This obsession even required me to purchase a candy thermometer! Very fancy, I know. You may not be able to talk to me after this! :)

All the ingredients lined up ready to go! (Lots and lots of sugar)

The Marshmallows in the tray.

The cut up marshmallows - yum!

And the cutting of the yumminess. These aren't my favourite marshmallows ever but that hasn't stopped me thinking about the next batch - I think I just over did it on the vanilla essence. Also the receipe called for light corn syrup. This is Golden Syrup in NZ - but I'm not sure about the light bit. I don't think there's another option and the marshmallows before the colouring were quite beige rather than white.

I used the receipe at the food network which I got via Twig and Thistle.