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Card toppers

After finishing with my first ball of wool - I use some of the scraps to make these card toppers for birthdays soon to be upon me!

WIP - ripples

I've started a ripple crochet blanket. Its fast becoming an addiction. I started it using a pattern for a ripple scarf but didn't like the single crochet so have adapted it as I've gone along.

On to the second ball of wool. I'm hoping this will be a picnic blanket for far off summer days (they seem so far away for now!). The second colour is a lot more zingier than the photo. I think the last one captures it best but it still doesn't do it justice - I'm blaming the winter lighting! It's been a source of entertainment for one of the cats too - though I can see him prowling around the front of the house as I write this!

Maori magic

There are certain things that constantly inspire me about New Zealand; like a Marae near my new home I discovered on a walk to clear my head on Friday. I delight in how, in a 'normal' neighbourhood like at home (that's home home) you have wonderful exotic touches.

Thrifty Teapot

I love, love, love this teapot. And it was all of $1.50 at the local thrift shop. I bought the retro cups too ($3 each). Its my herbal tea inspiration and my way of getting my requisite number of glasses a day. I love the cheerful colours on the cups and elegant spout on the pot (which I'm sure is for coffee but its my teapot!).

A cat warmer

My dearest BM (can you hear the sarcasm?) was a tad worried about his two wee cats so I made up a rice based cat warmer - no difference from a human one only this one is for the cats! I made the internal lining (which is fully sewn up) with left over flannel from my PJs. And the outside is from PJs that recently gave up the ghost.

Shelves for the *craft room*

I've starting settling in to my new home. Its taken quite a while as I've been really busy over the last few months. I bought these shelves a while ago and didn't document them. I have them full of craft supplies but I want to clear the room of all the extra stuff before I take the after shots!

Thank you cards

Thankfully teaching is finished for the year - woohoo! And I made these cards to thank the students who were helping me out in the classes. These were made using erasers I bought some time ago. They turned out a little too juvenile but that's what you do when you don't have time!


I've got a craft room!! Woohoo!!

I've been buying shelves and organising storage. Unfortunately way too much of this storage has been new and plastic so I've decided to buy only second hand solutions from here on out! Here is the first 'vintage/retro' edition. Two tupperware containers now filled with beads and buttons. :)