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The great WSBN sewing room tour

Gemma from Sixty Six Stitches started off a rather revealing tour of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network sewing rooms. I was far too intrigued not to join in.  Of course, I wanted to snoop around the creative spaces of some very creative people and felt that I had to participate rather snoop unrequited! ;)
Previous in the series is: Zara from Off Grid Chic (Loving the idea of the screen and rather jealous of the mannequins)
So here we are - a view into my study, sewing and craft room (and erstwhile cloak room during parties).  Be warned this is not a pinterest worthy room - I'm treating this like my before pictures as I plan on removing and renovating sometime over the next few years!

And here it is in all its higgledy piggledy glory.  

Hanging on the door are my current works in progress.  Each with a neat label reminding me what I need to sew next or what's left to finish off.

To the right is my spare table.  Great for cutting or putting my overlocker out - not so useful …

Sewing envy

Ok, not really envy but inspiration.  I'm currently drafting my own pencil skirt (and bizarrely thinking I'll have it finished by Friday - hah! increasingly unlikely!).  But on my blog hopping over breakfast this morning, I've been way too inspired by two patterns (and their specific implementations).

The Burda Style Seamed Shift Dress by Two On Two Off.  
Her version is so much nicer than...
And then a blogger closer to home...
The Petal Skirt by Papercut Patterns sewn by RubyDust.

They're both stunning :)


We celebrated our 6 month anniversary in the White House restaurant in Wellington.  I'm only going to celebrate the July anniversary as I can't stand the idea of having another winter without something special in the middle of it.  (I miss a mid winter Christmas)

BM gave me some card blanks and stickers.  Love them!  He knows me far too well :)

more carding adventure