The great WSBN sewing room tour

Gemma from Sixty Six Stitches started off a rather revealing tour of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network sewing rooms. I was far too intrigued not to join in.  Of course, I wanted to snoop around the creative spaces of some very creative people and felt that I had to participate rather snoop unrequited! ;)

Previous in the series is: Zara from Off Grid Chic (Loving the idea of the screen and rather jealous of the mannequins)

So here we are - a view into my study, sewing and craft room (and erstwhile cloak room during parties).  Be warned this is not a pinterest worthy room - I'm treating this like my before pictures as I plan on removing and renovating sometime over the next few years!

And here it is in all its higgledy piggledy glory.  

Hanging on the door are my current works in progress.  Each with a neat label reminding me what I need to sew next or what's left to finish off.

To the right is my spare table.  Great for cutting or putting my overlocker out - not so useful for actual tabling.  Behind that is a fold out futon (which I have been advised is rock hard - so that's also on my 'renovation' list).  The table isn't there normally but I was cutting out fabric recently and haven't put it away yet - it normally lives under the bed in the guest room.  Yes, that is a pile of work papers.  The room really does double duty!  

Just beside the futon and table is my book case.  Its a shared space so it stores patterns, craft and sewing books as well as some of my partner's and house stuff. Also in this corner are my wrapping paper and some interfacing stands in the plant stand, yarn on top of the shelves and my radio.

I love my clipboards - but they look much better without the table - but in the interests of a proper reveal - here they are!

My sewing machines (and most of my piles of stuff) live on the other side of the room as well as my desk.  I seem to outgrow my storage far too quickly.  These boxes house my overlocker, quilting fabrics, paper, etc.

It also houses my favourite silk fabric - some day I may even make something with it!

Inside a "cupboard" to the left is a badly organised pile of stuff.  When we moved into the house there were shelves, a boiler and a door but we've removed the boiler to get instant hot water instead and the shelves didn't fit back in without it.  The door was the next victim and I'm hoping the whole cupboard will disappear soon too.  The space (much more relevant than cupboard!) is more fabric, yarn and card making supplies.  

And here's the room in all its glory - it looks so much bigger in the panorama! (Of course I realise I forgot to include my desk with my sewing machine (pink flower cover in image below) or the boxes on my locker with more Works in Progress - but how bad?)

I currently have two sewing machines (my shiny new Jenome and my older Toyota) as well as a Bernina overlocker.    

So what am I working on at the moment?

Hand quilting my first quilt. (eeek!)

And off to the next stop on the sewing room tour - Gillian of Sewing Down Under


  1. I love the clipboard idea! How cunning is that! Definitely pinterest worthy ;-) I'm going to have to add clipboards to my wish-list!

    And that silk is just drool-worthy!

  2. P.S. When I try to follow the link back to Zara's blog I just get re-directed to gmail?

  3. I too love your clipboard idea - I the list for when I might get a dedicated room again. Hand quilting - that is impressive :-)

  4. I'm also pinching the clipboard idea! Love it! What a neat little space you have. Thanks for sharing!


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