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A suitable day

While in Hong Kong, BM got a suit made and fitted. I went along for the experience and got a bit snap happy - oh the fabrics! We went into the tailors at 10am and choose fabrics and BM got measured. We returned at 3pm for a fitting and the final suit will get mailed home.

Fitting of one of the shirts and the trousers.

This is the semi-finished suit.

Hong Kong I

Tall buildings (in a single bound)

Incense in a temple


And more temples

Boxes and buttons

I've been carefully storing storage containers for a while and in my effort to sort my craft room this is one of those containers with a memory attached. A Valentine's box from BM. He's a sweetie!

Quigley the cat toy

I made one of these from fabric scraps from a skirt I have yet to even pretend to blog about and one of my friends just got a new cat (there's photos of the cat and the toy online somewhere which I need to track down to post!). I dosed it with a lot of catnip and filled it with more fabric scraps, used up old gold thread and a bouncy string that was clogging up my sewing bag for a while.

Quigley is a clever though, he made it into the cupboard!

Slowly organising my crafting space

I'm enjoying organising my crafting room - way more than is healthy for a young lady.

Card topper onto a card



More creations from my old PJs (ssssssssshh! Don't tell the receipents!). This time an owl from scratch.

It turned out really well and I'll be making more of these -definitely!


I'm nearly finished the first three balls of wool and will soon have to start thinking about the next set of colours!