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Christmas haul

Its the last day in January, but I can still talk about the wonderful things I got for Christmas, right???
Ooophs.  Better late than never.  I got a wonderful collection of beautiful papers (which I promptly dug into to make some cards) from one wonderful lady.  I also got a fantastically, steampunky necklace by Jules Vine.  Adore!  Its little window opens up and you can remove the little beads (I'm trying very hard not to give into temptation and open it too often!).  The five keys are possibly the most cutesy, fairy tale like item I own.  I think I might like it a bit too much so I'll stop rambling about it now... But check out the etsy store - some really beautiful work.

I also received homemade rosemary olive oil, all tied up with this lovely felt handmade ornament.  Thank you, wonderful crafty friend!

I also got a selection of cards which made my heart sing for a number of different reasons.  The cut out card above is stunning!  Unfortunately when I was taking them down …

Victorian Festival in Oamaru

I really am playing catch up with my photos - at this rate I'll have worked through them by June!
I went down to the Victorian Festival in Oamaru in November last year and managed to snag some beautiful whitestone cheeses too!

Middle of Middle Earth

I can't believe its taken me from November to post these images of the redo of Wellington airport for the launch of the Hobbit.  I loved how New Zealand really got behind the movie.

Tea Cozy

A friend asked me to make her a granny inspired tea cosy (and I forgot!).  So when I found this creation in a second hand shop I had to buy it.  It wasn't quite long enough so I added the last three rows myself - there was originally a brown border.

As you can tell my friend liked it!

Christmas cards 2

Some more Christmas makes...

Christmas Bunting

Some Christmas bunting sewn up with stash gifted to me by a friend returning to Ireland late last year (hello!!).  I in turn gifted it to another wonderful person who hopefully will find it useful pretty!


This was my wonderful Halloween costume.  I had originally planned on going as a mermaid when I found the strange blue shiny fabric in my stash but then wasn't happy with the typical mermaid tops (I'm not wearing a bikini top to a party!).  So it became a shark...

I adapted an A-line skirt pattern for the tail - and even fully lined it and put in a zipper.
The t-shirt was the only non-stash portion of the project as I had to buy something to attach the shark fin to the back.  I did spent the night trying not to hit into people or knock over glasses.  But given that my first idea was to use cardboard, I could at least sit on a stuffed fin!  

Its come in handy recently when we had a three year old house guest - who thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as a shark and attacking people.