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One woolly blanket. Done.

I've finished and delivered one wool blanket to a colleague and a new baby girl. I know the colours aren't traditional but I hope my colleague likes it anyway! ;)

Four balls of Wool company wool and Attic 24's ripples.  You can see the second ball of light grey is just slightly different to the first :(

Feeling a little like Santa Claus

Presents for two birthdays and a very grateful thank you gift ;)


The latest upgrade to our kitchen ;)
Took me ages to find the label maker in my room. Definitely needs a tidy! 

BM fixed them to the inside of our pantry door.  I love how easy it is to see the spices. Such an improvement. Just need to save up for the rest of the kitchen! 

Comfy crochet

Every blanket I crochet travels with me. So far this blanket has been to Taupo and Christchurch as well as stone henge aotearoa! 
I love the grays of the current blanket against the brights of the finished one I'm snuggling underneath while watching TV. Bliss. Again Wool Company wool and this is for a new arrival.

Lucky I'm not allergic to cats

Got home from my pattern buying spree yesterday to see this. Really shouldn't leave my crochet out when I'm not actively crocheting.  Not sure about the blanket. Love some of the colours but really not sure about how it's coming together. The wool is from the wool company.

Lovely lovely fabrics

The fabric store had a sale this week. I seriously love these. The petrol blue is a silk viscose blend. The check is merino but with flaws so it might pull apart too easily :(. But oh so beautiful in person and I hope it lasts.   Far, far too busy in work at the moment so my sewing and crafting is restricted to buying and thinking about making - not the most productive combination.

Papercut patterns

Oohh!   So so pleased :)

I got the coppelia, circle top and ensis tee. Can't wait to start making them. And in a nice symmetry I bought them using money I got from dropping clothes off to the recycle boutique! Hoping to use up some fabric a brac woolly goodness on the circle top.