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Bath mat

Remember this?  I made it in Ireland in 2011 but it didn't really work out as it didn't have enough substance and it didn't really work well as a bathmat.  So I've added in the central cream granny squares.  Very happy with the final product and looking forward to using it after my morning shower!

and the final lot of cards

For some reason I can't rotate my cards and save the rotation - so apologies :)

and yet more cards


Hot stuff

I bought some heat insulating fabric (the stuff of oven mitts) so made some oven mitts of my own.  The fabric is Ikea so quite a heavy cotton.

Also made a few oven pads as well -also ikea fabric.  I got to play with quilting too.

more carding

And another set of card makes...

Oophs (yes its upside down)