Wednesday, January 25, 2017

baby cardis (or destashing the stash)

This little cutie is a cotton crochet cardi using Emmy's Baby Cardigan on ravelry.  Its a relatively quick make and looks great!  I used Rowan mercerised cotton (siena 4 ply) I bought in a market in Melbourne early last year and a 4mm hook.  Down to only two stash yarn projects and feeling mighty pleased with myself.  Love the colour and looking forward to gifting this to some new addition soon.  And just to remind myself here are the yarn care instructions: machine wash, warm, gentle (40 degrees), iron medium heat, do not tumble dry and dry flat in the shade!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Some things just have to come home with me

Oophs.  On my drive back to Wellington from Taupo this December I coincided with Levana's Saturday openning and happened (perchance) to buy a lovely range of knit fabrics.  The yellow and green are destined for summer tops, the black and white for sleeves on a cardi and the yellow for comfy underwear.  I best follow through, eh? :)

I also recently purchased this cute first aid box from storage box in Wellington.  I really shouldn't like an inanimate object this much.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Sewing Round up to start the year

I haven't been clothes sewing much over the last while as my body was rapidly changing shape and I wasn't feeling the best.  We're expecting an addition to our family at the end of February and unfortunately I seem to be one of those pregnant women who stay sick for all three trimesters (though it is a LOT better and I can function at certain times of the day now!).

I made three tops for my maternity wardrobe - two are great and one I'm just not sold on.  All three are Cashmerette patterns (two Springfield tops and one Appleton dress turned wrap top).  I love the Cashmerette patterns for their cup sizes so the changes I have to make to the pattern are a lot more reserved than my usual hatchet jobs.  

Blue merino from Levana - fit is good for my expanding belly (I deliberately cut it longer in the front on both sides) and after the last attempt, I also added more to the width of each of the front panels as I wanted to reduce the likelihood of it blowing open in the Wellington winds.  I had originally cut it out and made it up as a dress but kept thinking it looked like a dressing gown so repurposed it into a more useful length.  I'm still not convinced and have only really worn it 3-4 times.  Although the Wellington summer seems to finally have arrived so I don't think I'll be wearing it again before the baby arrives.  

Please excuse the baggy trousers, I am wearing all my trousers really low beneath my belly as maternity trousers often push against my stomach and make me nauseous (bah humbug!).

The springfield tops are a great hit.  I didn't make any changes to the front so as maternity wear they're great.  But as a top, they are very very loose in the belly area for normal wear.  I think I might try to amend them with waist darts at some point in the future (or at least the pattern).  These are a bit of a God send at the moment as they're nice and breezy light so I'm not overheating too much when I wear them.

I think this was a Mood fabric while the black and white version was a Melbourne purchase.

Finally, I sewed up the two cotton gauzes from my LA trip last year by just hemming them and they're ready for swaddling or vomit duty as required in future :)

Have a great 2017!