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Halloween spooktacular - the haunted house edition

We finally had our house warming bash on Saturday night.  It was Halloween themed as Halloween hit after a busy work time, just after my 33 and 3/3s birthday (need to share the lovely swag I got for that!) and fulfilled our need to have a builder free house before the party!

I had a lot of fun decorating.  Our hall was invaded by bats (black paper, clear thread and masking tape to hold them to the ceiling - I free handed the cutting out and have a tonne of these left over - I seriously over estimated the number we'd need).  I was also sent over a few Halloween decorations for my birthday and they made their presence felt around the house.

A few bats even roosted on the lamp.

The bathroom was a cobwebby affair.

As was the dining room - we used this as the buffet room and moved over the dining table.

BM's large spider came in handy :)

The living room had a skull chandelier and crepe streamers as well as more cobwebby goodness.

BM had some halloween decorations from when he live…

random card creations

A few more cards finished.  Just a playful way to pass an hour or so, combining different elements.

the blanket that wasn't

I've been making this blanket cushion for ages (already started here and from yarn that didn't make it into here).  Started as a blanket but rapidly realised I wouldn't have enough to finish using up the yarn I had (four full 200g balls) due to the stitch (single crochet) and the hook size (3.5mm).  Ah well.  Makes a nice cushion.  I originally started it for the cats but a friend of mine was horrified that I'd make it for them and asked (very nicely) for it instead.  Still hasn't been delivered, mind!

Due to its unusual shape, I sewed an inner in some stash fabric and added buttons to hold it closed.

geometric retro

A few more card makes!  This weekend was spent preparing for and then hosting a dinner party for a colleague of BM.  I realised this morning as I was tidying away that it was a veggie evening.  I'm quite enjoying the realisation that while I like meat, it isn't always necessary.  Hosting the next vegetarian dinner party will definitely be less of a big deal for me!

I really like the retro designs on these stickers.  The cards were part of a slightly manic card making spree a few weeks ago and I've just gotten around to posting them.

a quick trip to Dunedin

Down in Dunedin for work. I really like this city. I need to actually visit the inside of the church above at some point!

playing with my ipad

Bored one spring evening I played with the camera settings on my iPad. I think it makes my house look like a cathedral!

meet T Rex

The mighty and fierce Dragon! (I had a thing about T. rex recently)

Keen on adventure, his friendliness is often mistaken due to his size and tendency to breathe fire when excited.

(Produce from a mid winter Christmas present kit)