Halloween spooktacular - the haunted house edition

We finally had our house warming bash on Saturday night.  It was Halloween themed as Halloween hit after a busy work time, just after my 33 and 3/3s birthday (need to share the lovely swag I got for that!) and fulfilled our need to have a builder free house before the party!

I had a lot of fun decorating.  Our hall was invaded by bats (black paper, clear thread and masking tape to hold them to the ceiling - I free handed the cutting out and have a tonne of these left over - I seriously over estimated the number we'd need).  I was also sent over a few Halloween decorations for my birthday and they made their presence felt around the house.

A few bats even roosted on the lamp.

The bathroom was a cobwebby affair.

As was the dining room - we used this as the buffet room and moved over the dining table.

BM's large spider came in handy :)

The living room had a skull chandelier and crepe streamers as well as more cobwebby goodness.

BM had some halloween decorations from when he lived in the US and we displayed them on the mantlepiece.

Peonies are in season (hurray!) so while they're not spooky, I had to put them out too!

I'll show you a close up of the knitted creatures soon - they were great.

The buffet table - I had some great cocktail sticks which I used to decorate bizzarely coloured cupcakes - blue, green and red dough.

All in all, a rather cheap way to decorate but very effective - I also did a few things for outside and will post on that soon!

Happy Halloween!
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