Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More blank canvas tees

And a round up of the final two Ts I made after my sewing course.  The blue fabric was sitting in my stash for quite a while.  The neck is merino.

This one is a widened neckline improvement of this Tshirt. I recut the neckline.  I prefer using the double needle with a walking foot and it seems to work well for me. 

Me made may

Not quite me made may as I haven't signed up for the full pledge but after getting dressed this morning I realised why I loved sewing. 

A me made Mabel from Colette. Espresso leggings. And a refashioned second hand top (formerly dress). I choose them all first and then realised apart from shoes and underwear it was a me made outfit! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blank canvas with Fireworks

Another Fabric a Brac make.  This time using the free Blank Canvas Tee pattern.  I love, love, love this fabric.  Its Desiree (who often sells left overs or offcuts at Fabric a Brac). 

Apologies for the awkward photos - but at least you can tell its a real one!  No professional models here!

The neck and sleeves are black merino from Levana

I didn't quite have enough for the back so I put in an extra triangle just above the back sleeve.

Rather pleased with the make. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Daisy do

I recently took a T shirt making course at Made Marion in Wellington.  Its such a great resource to a have a city centre location to hire a sewing machine or do a sewing course!  The class was at a lower level than I expected as a lot of the people there were very much beginners but at least it improved my comfort with knit fabric!  The whole course is on sewing machines rather than an overlocker - so useful if you haven't invested in an overlocker.  I realised I need to trust my instincts more as I didn't learn a lot from the course, but on the up side I realised how much better I've gotten at sewing since my last class!  The use of a double needle will definitely stand to me.

This was one of the Ts that I finished after the course.  The backing is from a fabric hoarders swap (thanks the takahe bites!), the front is left over from another project (although I can't seem to find it) and the red is from a fabric a brac purchase. The Tshirt pattern is a Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick free tonic T.  

Really love the finish of a double needle.

And very happy with my white thread choice for both the grey and navy.

Switched to red for the neckline.

I graded the pattern to fit a FBA and change between waist and hip.  Quite happy with the fit.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Gertie goodness

I was so excited to get a parcel of fabric and pattern from Gertie.  I've always wanted to make a slip and really couldn't get my head around what fabric would be good in terms of a stretch knit.  


I made a few changes to the pattern to get it to fit better (as in a Full Bust Adjustment).  The pattern fits for a D cup but I'm a bit larger than that so sized up and graded between sizes for the waist and hips.

The kit came with two flowery bows and suggested the placement at the V of the front.

Wasn't so keen on it so had a play around with few other options I had to hand.

In the end I left off the bow at the V and put it on the slit at the hem.

A nice touch was the elastic on the inside of the lace at the front V.  It seems to stop the gaping a bit.

Thankfully, the kit also came with all the bits and lace.  It was great to have my hand held so I knew what the pattern meant by the different sizes of lace and their stretch as well as the picot elastic and the findings (two ones that are o's and two that are a flat 8 shape).  So so easy!  ;)

I sewed it up with white and black thread.  White where it intersected the lace and black otherwise.  

On the down side, the pattern instructions for the panties are really poor as there's no indication of how much elastic you should cut.  (There is for the slip)  And in the kit, the lace for the front sections of the straps is too stretchy - I think it was different from the one I ordered and it doesn't seem to be as good - I would prefer less stretch here so the weight of the slip doesn't pull it down too much.  Unfortunately (even though I prewashed it) the white lace was greyed out a bit as the black fabric ran a bit.

Still, its my favourite make so far. I love how it fits and have been wearing it as a night dress for ages!  I've fabric and plans for two more!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Being in the frame

This has been a bit of a bad blogging year.  I haven't been great at posting but the making has mostly been happening behind the scenes.

This isn't a make of mine but its something with a lot of emotional value (and the creativity did come from this direction!)

Not the greatest of photographs unfortunately (and as there is currently thunder and lightening outside of the house - and massive landslides cutting off one of the major routes into the city - its as good at its going to get!).

The three utensils were a gift from my Grandfather to my Grandmother after he was stationed in the Congo as part of a UN peace keeping mission.  My Grandmother gave them to me a few years ago and I really love them.  There was a moment when after declaring them to NZ customs (as they're wood), the domestic terminal almost didn't allow me to bring them on as carry on on the plane!!  Eeeek!  I stood my ground as I had carried them as carry on via the States and UK from Ireland!  The frame is very 3D and I really love how they've turned out - far too good to use!