Daisy do

I recently took a T shirt making course at Made Marion in Wellington.  Its such a great resource to a have a city centre location to hire a sewing machine or do a sewing course!  The class was at a lower level than I expected as a lot of the people there were very much beginners but at least it improved my comfort with knit fabric!  The whole course is on sewing machines rather than an overlocker - so useful if you haven't invested in an overlocker.  I realised I need to trust my instincts more as I didn't learn a lot from the course, but on the up side I realised how much better I've gotten at sewing since my last class!  The use of a double needle will definitely stand to me.

This was one of the Ts that I finished after the course.  The backing is from a fabric hoarders swap (thanks the takahe bites!), the front is left over from another project (although I can't seem to find it) and the red is from a fabric a brac purchase. The Tshirt pattern is a Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick free tonic T.  

Really love the finish of a double needle.

And very happy with my white thread choice for both the grey and navy.

Switched to red for the neckline.

I graded the pattern to fit a FBA and change between waist and hip.  Quite happy with the fit.


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