Gertie goodness

I was so excited to get a parcel of fabric and pattern from Gertie.  I've always wanted to make a slip and really couldn't get my head around what fabric would be good in terms of a stretch knit.  


I made a few changes to the pattern to get it to fit better (as in a Full Bust Adjustment).  The pattern fits for a D cup but I'm a bit larger than that so sized up and graded between sizes for the waist and hips.

The kit came with two flowery bows and suggested the placement at the V of the front.

Wasn't so keen on it so had a play around with few other options I had to hand.

In the end I left off the bow at the V and put it on the slit at the hem.

A nice touch was the elastic on the inside of the lace at the front V.  It seems to stop the gaping a bit.

Thankfully, the kit also came with all the bits and lace.  It was great to have my hand held so I knew what the pattern meant by the different sizes of lace and their stretch as well as the picot elastic and the findings (two ones that are o's and two that are a flat 8 shape).  So so easy!  ;)

I sewed it up with white and black thread.  White where it intersected the lace and black otherwise.  

On the down side, the pattern instructions for the panties are really poor as there's no indication of how much elastic you should cut.  (There is for the slip)  And in the kit, the lace for the front sections of the straps is too stretchy - I think it was different from the one I ordered and it doesn't seem to be as good - I would prefer less stretch here so the weight of the slip doesn't pull it down too much.  Unfortunately (even though I prewashed it) the white lace was greyed out a bit as the black fabric ran a bit.

Still, its my favourite make so far. I love how it fits and have been wearing it as a night dress for ages!  I've fabric and plans for two more!


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