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Fabric :)

I have a few ideas of Christmas presents and they all require fabric (really, I'm not just using this to support my addiction - ok, maybe just a little bit).  This is all the recent fabric purchases all washed and ready for cutting.  Pre-washing is such a pain. I would much prefer to cut into this stuff straight from the fabric shop.  But its not to be. :(

Table runner for BM for Christmas (if I manage to get it done in time).

Fat Quaters for napkins for a friend in the US who's going through a bit of a rough time and needs something summery, bright and cheerful in her life.

And these last two are for a cushion in my office (which is very, very sterile at the moment).

Banana Bread - The Bake Off

This is the banana bread bake off. 
Problem: not eating enough bananas during the week
Solution: try to fix the banana bread recipe
Opponents: Edmonds cookbook and the recipe that came with my silicon tray (I've been having problems getting this one right - way too moist and doesn't rise nearly enough)

Beauty: Edmonds wins here hands down - a lot taller and less apologetic! Even after the suggestions waltzing.matilda made on my last post (extra baking powder and longer cooking time by about thirty minutes).

  Hmmm... not much better from this angle either.

On the plate: the extras in the smaller banana bread make it taste a lot nice to me but it still looks like it suffers from stunted growth issues.  Must try harder the next time.  BM prefer the Edmonds one too.

Hearts and beads

I like being able to put something 3D or movable into my cards.  All of these have something that can move (the beads are on string and separate from the background and the silver flower can turn).

urban graffiti - Wellington style

I'm very impressed with whoever did this.  It really brightens up a desolate building lot.

Travel and Trivia

I'm particularly fond of this card. Old maps from work that were for the recycling bin and bits of a box of packaging for the symbols.  I'm a serious pack rat!

Tags and things

Some of these are unembellished embellishments and others were added to.  A few buttons and sparkly things here and there! :)

Ashburton Purchases

I bought this ribbon and fat 1/8 in Ashburton in Annie's Country Quilt Store.  I'm a tad annoyed about it as I thought that I was buying a fat 1/4.  Ah well... I really like the ribbon. :)

sunflowers and such like ...


Felting (by mistake)

I bought a few Merino Wool jumpers when I moved to New Zealand. Unfortunately a few of them have felted themselves... Seriously irritating!  But there's always the positive side - which is reusing the felted fabric! Above is what my blue jumper looks like now. Below is what it should look like.  Actually as you can see from the tags below that the blue one is actually supposed to be a size bigger!  And it was - I promise.  All the felting didn't happen on its own (well that is after the first felting 'this jumper is now too small to be of use' mishap).  Any time over the last few weeks when its been too wet to put out our washing and we had to use the dryer - the blue jumper went in for the spin! :)

up, up and away

I really like how the first of these two cards came out.  I'm looking forward to giving that to someone!

Making paper (recycle style!)

Reuse a few used brown envelopes.

A quick snip on the paper guillotine


A keyring from a friend which unfortunately fell apart.

This one came out looking very much like a sympathy card.  I'm not sure if I'll end up using it as such though.

This is a bit brighter and happier in person.  One of the nice ones!