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I've been taking sewing classes on and off pretty much since I arrived in New Zealand. My instructor (Pat) is wonderful - helpful, honest and good fun. Unfortunately, due to huge government cut backs for night classes, the sewing/dress making classes may not continue next year. It'll be a huge shame and as the classes have been a great way for me to get to know people in New Zealand, learn a new skill and settle in - I feel that the loss will mean a lot more than a few people not being able to sew.

Anyway, I recently went through my wardrobe and edited! (That's pretty amazing for me!) In the process I photographed a lot of the clothes (well skirts) that have been making their way into my normal wearing rotation. The first skirt was severely altered from the pattern (thanks again Pat!). It was very heavy around the waist at first and we managed to get it to flare out rather than have all the fabric from the top. I think it works great with my boots and has a great twirl to it - which always manages to make me smile. The second skirt is made from fabric I seriously coveted when I went to global fabrics. Its a lovely light fabric and the finished skirt is a bubble skirt. I especially like the bright lining.
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