Yummy Lavendar...

Bagged lavendar - from a strange shop - I just couldn't leave the shop without it. It is the downside of doing Christmas shopping I suppose! I've been quite good about staying away from shops in general - but when you have an excuse (and an excuse to go into the nice ones...).

I'm thinking some homemade Christmas lavendar scented decorations. And as I'm still thinking and not making, it won't be this Christmas by my current progression, especially as the postal dates to family and friends on the other side of the world is coming up 'right quick!'
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  1. awwww!! i am so like you ;0) i cannot resist somethings at christmas but you bought with good intensions ;0) im sure those lavender scented decorations will be such a joy to make ;0)x

  2. Oh def take some photos of whatever you make, I always love the sweet heart shaped lavendar filled decorations that you can hang up or put on the radiator.

    All things nice...


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