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The not cat cushion!

I made this baby up from squares I cut for my first misguided attempt at a WIP quilt (eek!  I can't believe that's been hanging around since 2007!).  I really like the shape of the cushion.  Its made by rotating the corners of one side to the centre of the other.  Works well, no?  I got the idea from a book in the library but didn't take the name of the book down.

Even managed to put a zip in on the outside cover.  The fabric is some of the stash gifted to me by my grandmother. At least it hasn't been hanging around unloved since 2007!

My original plan was to get the cats to migrate to this instead of their rather icky cat basket/cushion thing but I didn't make it big enough and the cats have no interest in it what so ever.  Plan on using it as a cushion for our front deck once the summer weather rolls in (any moment, now, please????).

Hot stuff!

An insulated batting oven mitt.  :)
So pleased with the outside, unfortunately the finish on the inside isn't great.
I bought some insulated batting to practice my quilting techniques before I worked on my massive quilt.  Which unfortunately, means that I'll be outsourcing the quilting :(
Just too much material for my poor machine.  However, I didn't use the quilting walking foot so still need to figure that out.  Hopefully it means I can make smaller quilts on my own machine.

Material also used here and in a map dress I haven't posted about (can't think why - went to search for it and couldn't find the post!).

you are a conductor of light

Hee hee.  I just love these matches.  In addition to the fact that they also look like magic wands.  Of course I've run out of candles to use them on!  (Guess what I'll have to buy this weekend?)  Also in the background is a set of vintage map stickers and a cute robot print.

These buttons are awesome - I bought them in a sewing shop in Petone (the Sewing Depot - also home to the Fashion Workshop).

something fishy

One fishy bag. \

Rather pleased with this make.  It was a WIP for years - I cut out the green striped fabric easily 3 years ago (probably 4 or 5).  Finally figured out what I would do with it.  Added folds, lined it and used one of the fishes in the lining to put on the outside.  Also made my first fabric covered buttons to suit. 
Got into a bit of a finishing spirit and added this charm to a broken zip.  (in the interests of full disclosure - I think I was able to use the charm twice and it subsequently disappeared!)  Such a useful bag - it zips up into a pouch and I store it in my handbag.

colourful bamboo seas ripple

Woohoo - its the season of finishing blankets.  A baby's blanket added to the pile waiting for a new arrival.  I started this in November 2012.

Attic 24's neat ripple pattern.
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo (deep pink - 162, purple - 130, navy - 127, teal - 159, deep blue - 129, dark purple - 161).

Getting less yellowed

hee hee - very little left!  Finally...

A 'Colourful Life' Blanket

Finally, I've finished my crochet blanket.  I love it - the colours are so bright and cheery.  It took forever to sew in all the ends so its been sitting around for far too long!  Of course I've over done the number of photos but the blanket has been kicking around for far too long.

Pattern: Attic 24's hexagon pattern
Yarn: Acrylic and assorted

Home Sewn at the New Dowse

I recently attended the launch of "Home Sewn" at the New Dowse.

From the website "Curated by New Zealand fashion designer Doris de Pont, Home Sewn is a retrospective of the home sewing revolution in New Zealand. At a time when off-the-peg fashion was scarce and expensive, home sewing provided many generations of women with a stylish wardrobe that reflected the current couture of the fashion capitals.Home Sewn is a touring exhibition from the New Zealand Fashion Museum. "

I'd love to be able to create such polished garments!
This zipper is great I love how they've swapped it out for a better pull.

Colourful scales

A recent sewing project - based on my muslin from here.  Love the fabric But not sure about the fit!

Recent Home Purchases

A few bits and pieces I bought (over the last few months) for around the house.  A yellow glass vase from Carterton in the Wairarapa.

A yellow cloud shaped napkin holder from Ikea (in Ireland on my trip in May).  The chocolates were a thank you gift from me to a colleague.
A red velvet chair from Kirks in Wellington.  Comfy and bright.  Love it!
Recently acquired an elephant for our living room too.